Tobias Campmann

Tobias Campmann

Curriculum Vitae:

1981 Born in Cologne
1992-1994 Secondary school in Cologne
1994-2001 Secondary school in Neuss
  Certificate: Abitur, final degree: 1.6
2001-2002 Community services at Lindenhof retirement homes in Grevenbroich
2002-2009 Study of Computer Science at the RWTH Aachen University
  Focus: software development, minor: physics
  Certificate: Diplom, final degree: 1
2005-2009 Student worker at the department of computer science III
  Considering graph-based document integration and consistency
2007-2009 Freelancing web developer
2009-2013 Aviation Consultant/System Architect at INFORM
2013-2021 Product Manager at INFORM for
  Gate/Transfer Management and Platform/Non-Functional Requirements
2021- Head of Innovation at INFORM

Domain Expertise:

Software development:

Semi-Pro Musician

Personal interest: